Albion Chambers is located in the centre of Bristol close to all local courts. We provide suitable facilities to meet the needs of all clients who use chambers’ services.

Our facilities include:

  • Fully networked Meridian Law Connected software with remote access
  • Full email and internet access for all members, pupils and administration
  • Telephone conferencing
  • Five dedicated conference rooms
  • Television and video
  • Data projection equipment
  • Specialist audio equipment for tape recorded interviews
  • Extensive library facilities for all specialist practice areas
  • Provision of written work by email, electronic fax, disk or CD
  • Wireless internet access avalible in conference facilities
  • Conference facilities in London

While making every effort to accommodate all our clients, the age and style of the building unfortunately limit full disabled access. Clients with particular requirements are requested to contact us in advance of any visit to check if our facilities can accommodate their needs so that alternative arrangements may be made in advance. Please note that we are unable to offer lavatory facilities to wheelchair users. In the event of difficulty, we are happy to attend conferences at solicitors’ offices or other suitable venues.

We regularly review the facilities we offer to our members, staff and clients. Feedback from those who use our services is always welcome and is taken into consideration during these reviews.