Pupillage applications are now closed.

At Albion Chambers we are committed to ensuring that our pupils receive comprehensive and closely monitored training in a friendly and supportive environment. Our pupillage training procedures have been developed in accordance with the Bar Council’s Code of Conduct and are subject to annual audits.

During a pupillage at Albion Chambers you can expect to experience a broad range of subjects under the guidance of at least two pupil supervisors, within our principal practice areas. You will be expected to undertake paperwork and advocacy exercises, and to attend conferences and Court with your pupil supervisor throughout your pupillage. Our training provides the opportunity for structured feedback and discussion, and ensures that the requirements of the Bar Council’s checklist are achieved.

In addition to work with your pupil supervisor you will be given the opportunity to accompany junior tenants to court. This is intended to provide the new advocate with a valuable and relevant insight into the types of cases normally conducted by pupils in their second six months.

We encourage and support any pupil, who wishes, to undertake work from the Free Representation Unit (FRU).

Pupillages secured through the Pupillage Gateway will attract an award of £9,250 which is paid in monthly instalments during the first six months of pupillage.

We guarantee earnings of £9,250 during the second six months; however our recent experience has been that pupils have been extremely busy and have earned far in excess of this figure. The current rate of contribution to chambers’ expenses will be charged on fees received during this period.

The cost of attending any necessary external training will be funded by Chambers. We will also fund travel to all professional commitments during the first six months of pupillage.

Applying for Pupillage
Albion Chambers is a member of the Pupillage Gateway and currently selects during the summer season. It is important to note that any applications received out of this scheme must be refused.

Applicants who are exempt from the Pupillage Funding and Advertising Requirements 2003 are not excluded from the Pupillage Gateway and should usually apply for pupillage using the Pupillage Gateway procedure. Applications made directly to chambers will only be considered where a candidate has an established track record in the area of expertise in which they wish to practise at the Bar.

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