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Welcome to Albion Chambers

Albion Chambers was established over 100 years ago and has an excellent reputation across the Western Circuit for integrity, approachability and the highest quality of advice and advocacy.

Chambers is led by Adam Vaitilingam QC and has 74 barristers including three Queen’s Counsel. There are two door tenants, both of whom are Queen’s Counsel.




Caring in Crisis; the right to life


Vulnerable people are at higher risk of contracting Covid-19 because of “barriers accessing preventive information and hygiene, reliance on physical contact with the environment or support persons, as well as respiratory conditions caused by certain impairments”[1].

Judiciary announces that Financial Remedy work should continue

Please click on the link below to read the letter from Mostyn J and HHJ Hess dated 15 April 2020.

Albion Chambers - Covid-19

Albion Chambers remains very much open for business, although we have temporarily closed our offices in Bristol and Taunton.

In recent years we have invested in a digital-working platform designed specifically for barristers’ chambers. With this platform, and with our use of the latest technology, Albion will continue to offer our usual high levels of service. 

All of our barristers and our administration team are working remotely, able to take instructions electronically, and contactable on their usual email addresses and phone numbers. 

How can we help?

We understand that these are difficult and complicated times and that all lawyers will be looking at ways to best ensure that their systems are robust and they have sufficient resources to progress essential work on behalf of clients.  We recognise that our Local Authority and Public Body colleagues are particularly affected due to their ongoing statutory obligations but we know these challenges apply to many.

Second-six pupils

We are pleased to welcome to our two second-six pupils: Simran Kamal and Ehsan Oarith, who are now available to take instructions.

Regulatory Team E-Bulletin

Can More Guidance Achieve a Safe Balance?

Recent events, especially those in the last two weeks, have brought a seemingly endless list of new challenges. These challenges inevitably result in the need for balance to be identified between competing issues.

Sarah Regan successfully completed one of the last jury trials to be held after the country ordered into lockdown

Laker Carter carried out a campaign of abuse, sexual and physical assault, intimidation and coercive and controlling behaviour against his first victim who he met when she was just 15-years old. Following a particularly vicious assault in June last year, in which she believed she would be killed, the victim eventually fled the home they shared and reported the assault to the police.

CV-19: Members of Albion Family Team are embracing online video for remote conferences and hearings

Albion Chambers has access to a wide range of video conferencing software, and our barristers are already conducting many successful conferences and hearings using these online tools.

Matrimonial Finance Team during the Pandemic

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the court system is facing almost unprecedented disruption. Many hearings are being adjourned, either through the illness or self-isolation of those involved in the case, whether clients, solicitors, Counsel or Judges. The health and well-being of the people of our country is our top priority and it is essential that we take all steps necessary to defeat the virus. Anyone suffering symptoms should of course follow the government advice.


Protecting the health and welfare of each of our clients, staff and members remains a priority during this challenging time. In line with this, we ask anyone in a category of those for whom the government has recommended self-isolation to follow the government guidance and not to attend meetings or events in chambers. 

We have the capacity to arrange for any conferences or meetings to take place by remote means. If you would like to discuss the possibility of a conference being conducted by telephone or video call, please speak with the clerks.