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Welcome to Albion Chambers

Albion Chambers was established over 100 years ago and has an excellent reputation across the Western Circuit for integrity, approachability and the highest quality of advice and advocacy.

Chambers is led by Adam Vaitilingam QC and has 74 barristers including three Queen’s Counsel. There are two door tenants, both of whom are Queen’s Counsel.




Contempt of Court - Spring Series: 7/15

7/15 Civil Contempt Proceedings
Discontinuance, Defects, Waiver and Strike Out

April 2021

The ups and downs and ins and outs of S22ZA - Daniel Leafe
Maintenance pending suit: a new orthodoxy? - Alexander West

April 2021

Plan for a long wait... - Rupert Russell
No reverse for the reverse of burden - Alun Williams
Regulatory healthcare - Richard Shepherd

April 2021

Giving a Lucas and s34 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 Direction
Securing material from mobile phones post Bater-James
Class-A county lines supply post Manning
Failure to attend PTPH should not affect credit for plea
Credit for plea once a minimum term is not imposed
Community Order for youth substituted for three-and-a-half years' youth detention

April 2021

How remote an inquest? - David Sapiecha
More likely than not, and unlawful killing - Fiona Elder

Contempt of Court - Spring Series: 6/15

Evidence and the Heaing

Contempt of Court - Spring Series: 5/15

Civil Contempt: Making and Serving the Application

When are contempt proceedings appropriate?

Prior to considering the procedural steps involved, it is critical that you give full consideration to whether or not it is appropriate to bring committal proceedings. The bringing of committal proceedings in circumstances where it is not appropriate to do so can result in significant costs consequences for your client. We looked at this earlier in the series in the Legal Framework bulletin.