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Welcome to Albion Chambers

Albion Chambers was established over 100 years ago and has an excellent reputation across the Western Circuit for integrity, approachability and the highest quality of advice and advocacy.

Chambers is led by Adam Vaitilingam QC and has 74 barristers including three Queen’s Counsel. There are two door tenants, both of whom are Queen’s Counsel.




Trials in the time of Covid-19

Some of you will have read the Q & A session between Dominic Thomas and Simon Pentol QC, ‘A unique insight into defending in the age of lockdown’ following the first trial to be held in Bristol Crown Court since the lockdown was imposed. I have just concluded the third, which followed my completing the last jury trial to be heard in the country after lockdown. Then, at the end of March, things looked very different.

Clare Fear discusses the challenges and successes of court hearings during the Covid-19 pandemic

On 9 June, Clare Fear gave an interview on BBC Radio Gloucestershire to discuss the successes and challenges being faced currently by all court users, but specifically those at Gloucester Crown Court, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Employment Team E-Bulletin: May 2020

Is it ok to drink red wine with fish? ... and other important questions

B v Yodel Delivery Network Ltd C-692/19

Employment E-Bulletin: May 2020

PAYE at the Gate: HMRC 0 Professional Game Match Officials Limited 2

There are certain questions in life that never seem to get answered to everyone’s satisfaction. And a lot of the thornier issues revolve around the nation’s favourite sport.

No, not shouting at the telly or searching for an Irish pub when abroad. I mean the real national sport – football, fitba’, footy. The beautiful game.

(Sorry cricket, we’re talking about the UK as a whole. No doubt about this one. Go and have your tea now, there’s a good chap!)

Inquest Team E-Bulletin

Dying at Home: A Fundamental Right

Back to work?

As the country prepares to go back to work (or not), (the government’s policy eloquently summarised here), employers and employees are getting to grips with how to make this transition a safe one for all.

Division of Family Businesses during Covid-19

Nicholas Sproull and Gemma Borkowski of our Matrimonial Finance Team discuss the division of family businesses during Covid-19 in this short video.

Deborah Dinan-Hayward and David Chidgey are appointed as Deputy District Judges

We are delighted to announce that the Lord Chief Justice has appointed Deborah Dinan-Hayward and David Chidgey to sit as a Deputy District Judge on the Western Circuit.

Chambers congratulates Deborah and David on their appointments.

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Court of Protection E-Bulletin

Dying at Home: A Fundamental Right

VE v AO and Others [2020] EWCOP 23

In a very important decision, bearing in mind the current crisis, the High Court has confirmed that the opportunity to die at home is a fundamental part of the right to a home and family life.

Re L (Adoption: Identification of Possible Father) [2020] EWCA Civ 577

Judgment in this case, in which I was briefed by Lisa Wilkes of Henriques Griffiths to represent the child, was handed down by the Court of Appeal on 30 April.