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Welcome to Albion Chambers

Albion Chambers was established over 100 years ago and has an excellent reputation across the Western Circuit for integrity, approachability and the highest quality of advice and advocacy.

Chambers is led by Adam Vaitilingam QC and has 74 barristers including three Queen’s Counsel. There are two door tenants, both of whom are Queen’s Counsel.




Re T (A Child: Refusal of Adoption Order) 2020 EWCA Civ 797

This is a very unusual case where the maternal grandmother sought an adoption order to replace a special guardianship order made in 2017, in respect of her young grandson.

Fraudulent Furloughs, Dobbing-In Dismissals: A Guide to Interim Relief in the Employment Tribunals

Reading List
Taplin v C Shippam Limited [1978] IRLR 450 (EAT)
Parkins v Sodexho Ltd [2002] IRLR 109
London City Airport Ltd v Chacko [2013] IRLR 610 (EAT)
Raja v Secretary of State for Justice [2010] UKEAT/0364/09/1502
The Issue
We are beyond the honeymoon stage. Just a couple of months ago the furlough scheme and all it offered seemed, if not the cure, then a soporific balm to our current economic and workforce woes.

Modifying Mostyn’s Methodology – Improving the drafting of Criminal Restraining Orders

Pupils at Albion Chambers are, almost uniquely, still required to undertake a mixed common law practice. Years ago this would have been commonplace at the Bar, but more recently the norm has been for pupils to specialise in a given area of law from the outset. I trained in both Family and Criminal law (amongst other areas!), before refining my practice in recent years. In doing so, I bucked a trend for junior tenants to give up crime in favour of family and did the opposite.

Employment Status: Varnish, Velodromes and Vento, the Second Lap or perhaps a Change of Gear?

For those of you that read it, you may recall my previous e-bulletin of the same name addressing the case of Ms J Varnish v British Cycling Federation t/a British Cycling & United Kingdom Sports Council t/a UK Sport Case No. 2404219/2017. In that e-bulletin I mentioned that it was unclear whether the decision would be appealed and concluded with ‘Where will this lead us? Well, that’s a topic for a future e-bulletin’…

Employment Team E-Bulletin: July 2020

When is enough, enough (and how to establish this)?
.... a tale of guitars, shoes and extended civil restraint orders

So, the thing with lockdown. It’s taken its toll, I’m sure you would agree. Personally, I’ve eaten too much and am shamefully having to moderate what I say to my GP when asked “how many units per week do you drink” (if units were gallons, I’d be fine).

Child Law E-Bulletin July 2020

Re LC (A Child - Placement Order) [2020] EWCA Civ 787

This is an interesting little case where the Court of Appeal dismissed the Local Authority’s appeal against the Judge’s dismissal of their application for a placement order in respect of the youngest of three siblings, the care plan for the older two being long-term foster care. This is a situation which will be familiar to most of us practising in this field.

Urgent Update on Furlough Scheme and Holidays

This e-bulletin does not examine the competing arguments about whether holiday can be taken whilst furloughed. But, for what it’s worth, I am confident that this is permissible as suggested in the guidance (as distinct from some of the case law).
The Issue

Disclosure of Digital Records: The Key to the Sweet Cupboard is No Longer Left in the Keyhole

The Key to the Sweet Cupboard is No Longer Left in the Keyhole

In recent years, a number of cases, particularly those involving sexual allegations, have foundered as a result of a failure to disclose digital material. This issue was the subject of a conjoined appeal before the Vice-President of the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) Lord Justice Fulford on 23 June. [1]

Operation Glendora: Convictions secured in human trafficking case

Kannan Siva led the Prosecution team to secure convictions after the lead defendant was extradited from Spain in late 2019, following a multipronged investigation. Kannan was instructed by Ben Samples of the South West CCU. He progressed the case as leading junior for the Prosecution and was assisted by Christine Hart of the CPS. Kannan advised on the addition of defendants, further allegations and lines of inquiry in this complicated brothel-keeping case.

Getting Tribunals Moving

On Friday 12 June I, alongside colleagues in chambers, delivered a video seminar. My main topic was on vulnerable parties but as part of my intro remarks, I included a couple of throwaway slides about ETs conducting trials, even in discrimination cases, with a judge sitting alone and, within those remarks, I set out the law about how this can be achieved.