David Chidgey*

Image of David Chidgey
LLB (Nottingham), Masters in Business Administration (Liverpool)
Year of call and Inn: 
2000; Middle Temple. Awards: Kalisher Scholar (Criminal Bar Association), Harmsworth Scholar (Middle Temple)
Deputy District Judge, Recorder (Crown Court), Accredited Mediator
Practice Overview: 

David practised as a barrister between 2001 and 2020.

For 11 years he practised as a criminal barrister. Then, from 2012 to 2020, he specialised in matrimonial finance and cohabitation disputes.

David is an accredited mediator. His work now comprises:

  • Mediation of civil disputes, particularly in relation to money disputes on relationship breakdown; but also other civil law disputes;
  • Acting as a private FDR judge in relationship money disputes (divorce and otherwise). 

Note: a private FDR is a private hearing where an experienced lawyer hears arguments from both sides of a dispute and gives an indication of the likely outcome, to help the parties try to settle the dispute.

  • Sitting as a part-time judge in relation to civil law and criminal law cases.

If you wish to consider asking David to either act as a mediator or a private FDR judge, please make contact with either Michael Harding or Julie Hathway.

David believes it is important that the law is made as clear as possible to those who are affected by it. He has a website with over 40 video recordings which explain the divorce process in clear language: www.davidondivorce.co.uk. There is also an accompanying book.

Training provided:

  • Enforcement of family financial orders: a practical guide
  • Maintenance pending suit and legal services orders
  • Child maintenance: “the gross income scheme”
  • Financial Remedies Update: “Maintenance how long and how much”
  • Update on interveners in Financial Remedies proceedings
  • The principles of equitable accounting