Sarah Regan successfully completed one of the last jury trials to be held after the country ordered into lockdown

Laker Carter carried out a campaign of abuse, sexual and physical assault, intimidation and coercive and controlling behaviour against his first victim who he met when she was just 15-years old. Following a particularly vicious assault in June last year, in which she believed she would be killed, the victim eventually fled the home they shared and reported the assault to the police. Following the examination of his phone, hundreds of videos of the victim were found, some showing her victim being raped, others showing injuries to her and yet others showing her being subjected to belittling behaviour were found. A second victim, another partner also made complaints of assault, harassment, intimidation and controlling behaviour against him. The trial started on the 2 March 2020 and concluded on 24 of March, two days after the country was ordered into lockdown, with the jury returning guilty verdicts on almost all counts. The sentence took place on 26 March with Sarah and her opponent appearing over Skype, Laker Carter over the video link from HMP Horfield and HHJ Blair QC and the two victims in Bristol Crown Court.


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